Download Intel® Decimal Floating-Point Math Library

IA-32 Architecture, Intel® 64, and IA-64 Architecture running Linux*, Windows*, HP-UX*, and macOS*

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2008英特尔中国多核技术学术论坛 | 2008年8月28-29日 | 中国厦门
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Demo: Advantage of Westmere Crypto Acceleration Engine

Purpose of this demo is to show an advantage of Westmere Crypto Acceleration Engine.
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Optimizing Correlation Analysis of Financial Market Data Streams Using Intel® Math Kernel Library

Download Source Code
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Yocto Project v1.3 Released!

This is reposted from my blog on the Yocto Project website. Please go there to access all kinds of embedded Linux goodness. 

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Particle Trimming on OpenGL*

How to increase performance by trimming particle quads down in size to decrease the amount of unnecessary texture sampling.
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IDF2013 - Recap

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Enhancing In-Vehicle-Infotainment Application Reliability and Performance using Intel® System Studio

Intel based solution is available to reduce the time and cost of developing in-vehicle technologies by providing application-ready solutions consisting of compute modules, automotive middleware and development kits. Intel® System Studio can be used in various stages of In-Vehicle-Infotainment development right from debugging BIOS in hardware layer to performance tuning of HMI layer.
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Computing Delacorte Numbers with Julia

I came in 2nd in the Al Zimmermann Programming Contest "Delacorte Numbers", using a quad-core machine and the

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