More Work-Sharing with OpenMP*

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Writing Parallel Programs: a multi-language tutorial introduction

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Intel® Threading Building Blocks, OpenMP*, or native threads?

Which API do you choose to introduce threading to your software application, if you have a choice? Is there one answer that always works?

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Technical Books for Parallel Application & Multi-Core Software Developers

Highly recommended books for Threading and Parallel programming
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Choosing between OpenMP* and Explicit Threading Methods

OpenMP provides a powerful, portable, and simple means of threading applications. In some cases, however, developers should choose the flexibility of native threading APIs. The guidelines in this article help to identify whether OpenMP is an appropriate choice for a given situation.
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Combining Linux* Message Passing and Threading in High Performance Computing

An article addressing thread and task parallelism. This article can be used to optimize framework methodology. Written by Andrew Binstock--Principal Analyst at Pacific Data Works LLC and lead author of "Practical Algorithms for Programmers."
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Getting Started with OpenMP*

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Basic OpenMP Threading Overhead


You have existing code and you want to thread it so it runs best on a multicore system. What do you need to know to get started?

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Performance Obstacles for Threading: How do they affect OpenMP code?

by Paul Lindberg

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Artificial Neural Nets and Hyper-Threading Technology

by Chuck Desylva

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