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Adding and Retrieving Closed-caption messages in AVC and MPEG-2 Streams

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Bitrate Control Methods (BRC) in Intel® Media SDK

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Query Functionality in Media SDK

Intel Media SDK is a framework for developing media applications.

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Intel® Media SDK Release Notes and Support

Intended Audience
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Quick Installation Guide for OpenCL™ Development on Windows* with Intel® Media Server Studio

Intel® Media Server Studio is a comprehensive suite that enables development of awe-inspiring and visually enriching media applications, by providing access to the underlying media features that ar

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Using SPIR for fun and profit with Intel® OpenCL™ Code Builder

This short tutorial provides a brief introduction to Khronos SPIR. It touches on the differences between a SPIR binary and an Intel proprietary Intermediate Binary, demonstrates ways to create SPIR binaries using tools shipped with Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications , and explains how to use SPIR binaries in your OpenCL program.
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SGEMM for Intel® Processor Graphics


General Matrix Multiply

cl_intel_subgroups Extension

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Supported Output Color Formats in Intel® Media SDK MJPEG Decoding

Media SDK decoder supports several codecs: h.264, MPEG2, MJPEG, HEVC, and VC-1, and the output color format is NV12 for all codecs except for MJPEG. In MJPEG decoding, Media SDK support three different output color formats: NV12, RGB32 and YUY2. But, by default, only NV12 format is supported in MJPEG decoding. This article describes how to make corresponding changes in the source code to support...
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Deliver Fast, Brilliant Video Experiences with New Intel® Media Server Studio 2017 R3

Developers: Optimize Video Performance & Quality
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What's New in Intel® Media SDK for Windows* 2018 R1

Speed Video & Image Processing with New  Intel® Media SDK
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