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云计算已经是全民皆知的热门概念了。不仅仅是软件厂商(ISV,SI)推出基于云计算的解决方案/软件产品,在各个重点城市的战略规划中,云计算也是不断涌现,在各地纷纷落户。 之前上海建了云计算中心,在近日推出的重庆“重庆市工业转型升级“十二五”规划”中,云计算也成了重点之一:重庆计划在十二五中,建成智能云端集群,同时使电子信息成为重庆的重要支柱产业。

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Ways to Speed up your Cloud Environment and Workload Performance on Intel® Architecture

Setting up a cloud environment is complicated, and it involves multiple elements such as database, network infrastructure, security, etc., (depending on the need).  How do you increase the p

Criado por Thai Le (Intel) Última atualização em 04/07/2019 - 17:05
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The True Benefits of Computing

For anyone what wasn't able to attend the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, one of the 3 key finds that I learned was that there are many ways in which computing benefits people, but not all of them are readily apparent - so here's a review of some ways in which computing helps us!
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Android* 开发中的多线程编程技术


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Scope Oriented Programming

There is a long discussion talking about the advantages of Procedural Programming vs. the advantages of Object Oriented Programming.

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java socket 多线程网络传输多个文件

     由于需要研究了下用 java socket 传输文件,由于需要传输多个文件,因此,采用了多线程设计。客户端每个线程创建一个 socket 连接,每个 socket 连接负责传输一个文件,服务端的ServerSocket每次 accept 一个 socket 连接,创建一个线程用于接收客户端传来的文件。

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英特尔® 至强™ E5-2600 v3 产品家族

Criado por Belinda Liviero (Intel) Última atualização em 04/02/2019 - 15:56

Using Intel® MPI Library 5.1 on Microsoft* Windows* with Microsoft* MPI based applications

Why it is needed?
Criado por Dmitry S. (Intel) Última atualização em 12/12/2018 - 20:11
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Unleash the Parallel Performance of Python* Programs

[updated 10/5/2018]

Criado por Anton Malakhov (Intel) Última atualização em 05/10/2018 - 18:24
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Cells in the Cloud: Scaling a Biological Simulator to the Cloud

Hello, fellow developers! I am Konstantinos, and I currently work at CERN as a research intern for this summer.

Criado por Konstantinos Kanellis Última atualização em 12/12/2018 - 18:00