Code Sample: Fire Alarm in Python*

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Target device software prerequisites de Intel® XDK Documentation

The Intel® XDK provides many paths into IoT development and is compatible with many x86_64 based-boards running a variety of OSes.

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英特尔® 深度学习 SDK 入门

该视频展示了英特尔深度学习 SDK。数据科学家和软件开发人员可以通过深度学习 SDK 简化安装工作,利用英特尔硬件上常见的深度学习框架轻松准备模型,在英特尔® 架构上优化训练和推断性能。该视频主要介绍了训练工具,利用 LeNet* 拓扑和 MNIST 数据集展示了模型训练。

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Intel® XDK Install Instructions

Note that the APIs listed below augment the standard Cordova APIs, both APIs can and should be used in your application. In some cases there is overlap between the Cordova APIs and the intel.xdk APIs; in that case, we recommend you use the Cordova API first and then use the intel.xdk API when the Cordova API either does not provide the desired functionality or provides inadequate functionality.
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Digging Deeper | IoT Developer Journey

Get advanced guidance from Intel’s experts for creating IoT prototypes, adding sensors, and connecting to the cloud.
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Get documentation, links to drivers, testing resources, tools, and more for game developers using Intel® software.
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Problem converting legacy, or creating new Android Keystore

There is a known issue with the certificate management console that causes it to "shrink" vertically so that some input fields are hidden.

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woogeen_video segfault

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Journey - Basics | IoT

Learn the basics of IoT development: getting started, suggested products from Intel, and code samples.
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Develop for Intel® Gateway Technology

Develop innovative commercial solutions with Intel® IoT Gateway technology and software.
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