Software Developer’s Guide for Sensors on Intel® Atom™ based Android* Tablets

This guide provides an introduction to the Android* Sensor framework and discusses how to use some of the sensors on a typical Intel® Atom™ tablet.
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To PACK and read or not?

I have a section of my code where the main bottleneck is non-contiguous reads. So one option is for me to PACK it and then read it.

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Major regression between 11.3 Update 2 and Update 3


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incomplete crosswalk project

打包完crosswalk for android安装到手机,打开app弹框提示如下

incomplete crosswalk project

plase repackage 


请问我哪里落下东西了,更新intel XDK到最新版本就出现这个问题了

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android 安装到手机后打不开

项目配置,以及手机报错信息 见附件图


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android 安装到手机后打不开

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"Time Out" Eruror

Delay in communication with build server persists when trying to upload project  

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gcc mkl dss solver error

Good afternoon!

I am running Ubuntu Linux and I have installed MKL library. I tried to compile the following example:

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On the issue of setting BRefType in sample_multi_transcode

      I set the BRefType in mfxStatus CTranscodingPipeline::InitEncMfxParams(sInputParams *pInParams), and m_mfxEncParams.mfx.GopRefDist =6, but the video showed blurred screen after transcoding.

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Stack overflow error

Hi everyone!

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