Intel Software Conference - Parallel Computing

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Intel® INDE Tech Chat

Intel® Developer Forum 2015 took place August 18 – 20 in San Francisco. We presented a “Tech Chat” on Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience (Intel® INDE), where IDF attendees could ask any questions and discuss this topic in an informal setup, over a 2 hour period of time. Please see for more details on Intel INDE.
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Fun with Locks and Waits - Performance Tuning

At times threaded software requires some critical sections, mutexes or locks.   Do developers always know which of the objects in their code has the most impact?   If I want to examine my software

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Put your Player in the Game: Intel® RealSense™

If you’re looking for that next new experience to put into your games, you should consider Intel® RealSense™ Technology.

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A Quick Chat with Peach Pellen of Black Gate Games at GDC 2015

Eric Mantion has a quick chat with the evangelist of Black Gate Games Peach Pellen.

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Visual Studio 2010 Built-in CPU Acceleration

Writing the sample code for this post I was amazed myself to see how simple it was to reach over 20 times performance improvement with so little effort.   

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Why P scales as C*V^2*f is so obvious

[Warning: Math and physics alert! Math and physics alert!] I think that you've all seen this equation before:P = a * C * V2 * f

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Solitude and Zombies: Waking up to a New Gaming Industry


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Ultrabook™ Touchscreen - A Hands-on Approach

Sometimes it’s all about the hands-on approach. Develop a new class of exciting applications with the new generation of touch enabled Ultrabooks. It’s not only touching, it’s moving!

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Ultrabook 2 in 1

Develop and test the whole range of applications on one and only device – the convertible Ultrabook™. Intel® Developer Zone – everything to get you started!

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