D3D9 Media Surface Sharing Between Intel® Quick Sync Video and OpenCL* on Intel® HD Graphics

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windows8 平板电脑试用

日前微软的windows8发布了,市场上到处可以看到方块的广告,Win8最令人期待的是在平板电脑上的表现。近日有机会拿到一台三星出的win8平板电脑ATIV smart PC,让我们一起体验一下。 1、开箱,
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Windows* 8 Tutorial: Writing a Multithreaded Application for the Windows Store* using Intel® Threading Building Blocks.

It is known that the Windows Store apps API is missing some commonly used thread functions, such as function CreateThread() and those that

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Tutorial Windows* 8: Escrevendo uma Aplicação Multithreaded para a Windows Store* usando a biblioteca Intel® Threading Building Blocks.

É sabido que a API das aplicações Windows Store não disponibiliza algumas funções comuns para trabalhar com Threads, como a CreateThread e

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Applab in Minneapolis draws top developers from Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing and other industries.....

On May 23rd we held another Intel AppLab at the Microsoft Technology center.

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How to Fix RESZ if it only works for a single frame

We had a customer report the following "we are testing our game on Intel laptops and are having some problems when using some of the D3D9 hacks, namely the RESZ hack use

Criado por Jeff Laflam (Intel) Última atualização em 14/06/2017 - 13:26
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Developing Apps on DirectX* 11 and OpenGL* for Atom™ Processor Based Tablets

One of the new features on the latest Intel® Atom™ Z3000 (codename Bay Trail) series platform is the integration of Intel® HD Graphics.

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Outdoor Light Scattering Sample Update

This release updates the previously published

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Power Explorer

Criado por Leigh D. (Intel) Última atualização em 14/06/2017 - 15:43

DirectX11 Vs. DX12 on Surface Pro 3

DirectX11 vs DX12 demo running on Surface Pro3 demo presented by David Cimini.

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