使用Edison SDK + chroot 创建高性能应用

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The Role of Sensors in Redefining Human-Computer Interaction

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Optimizing an Augmented Reality Pipeline using Intel® IPP Asynchronous

Using Intel® GPUs to Optimize the Performance and Power Consumption of Total Immersion's D'Fusion* Augmented Reality Pipeline

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Newton 项目—— 智能家庭物联网控制完整解决方案

Project Newton includes the connection of all main platforms (Intel® Core™ processor, Intel® Centrino* processor technology, Intel® Atom™ processor, ARM* mobile platforms) and all IoT platforms (Intel® Edison board, Intel® Galileo board, Raspberry*, Spark*, Mbed*, Freescale*, Arduino Uno*, etc.). Thus, Project Newton can connect platforms running all current mainstream OSs (Windows*, Linux*,...
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Intel® GPA 2012 Supports Android on Intel Atom

Josh Doss, Product Manager for Intel Graphic Performance Analyzers, demos a few features of the Intel® GPA 2012 with support for Android devices.

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Статья разработчика Intel(R) System Studio: настройка, сборка и профилировка Linux-ядра Android с помощью VTune

Статья разработчика Intel(R) System Studio: настройка, сборка, отладка и оптимизация основных программных компонентов Android *

I. Подготовка и настройка среды разработки.

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HAXM installation cause BSOD

Hi there,

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Energy profiling for Android

I am working on a research project in which I need to measure the energy consumption of Android apps.

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help me pls. Venue_7_3740

my tab Venue_7_3740 stop the logo intel 

how full flash it

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How to Publish Your Apps On Google Play For x86-based Android Devices Using Multiple APK Support

Google Play has  added Multiple APK support for x86 CPU architecture. This  feature allows you to publish different APKs for your application that are each targeted to x86 CPU architecture.

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