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Performance loss with Hyperthreading

Hi,we are developing an imaging application that uses per image a thread to correlate the image to a reference image. An image takes about 1MByte of data.

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What is "deadlock-safe"?

I received an announcement in my email for Message-Driven Java Threads API this morning. Apparently, Java threads can send and receive message between themselves with this API.

Criado por Clay B. Última atualização em 10/06/2016 - 11:15
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Threading Model Poll

Threading Model defines the way a user thread maps to a kernel scheduled entity, either a process or a kernel thread. There are two leading models 1:1 (one to one) and M:N.

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Lock-Free Garbage-Collectors, without atomic_ptr...

It is possible to create dynamic lock-free lists that allow for concurrent pushes, pops, and iterations using a "special" reference counted garbage-collector.

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Call Suite & Multithreading

Hi all,

Could someone send me an example of an application that use Multithreading & Call Suite control Voicebocx to receive incoming calls?


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NPTL Support on IA-64 Linux ?

Does anyone know the availability of NPTL threads for 2.4.xlinux kernels? Is it available and how do I tell?


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fast semaphores w/ timeout

It's possible to create a fast semaphore in same way that Critical Section is a fast Mutex on windows systems. Ok, not the same way exactly.

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Multithreaded COM EXE Misbehaves under Intel XEON Hyper Threading

Hi Everybody,

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Debugging OpenMP Linux programs

Dear Threading team...I use the Thread Checker on Windows* to debug OpenMP programs compiled with the Intel C++ and Fortran compilers -- it is a truly outstanding tool.

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Xeons L3 cache

The launch of the Xeon 3.06 w/1MB L3 at an affordable price point has attracted the interest of the developer community to the L3 cache potential.

Criado por Última atualização em 23/07/2003 - 17:46
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