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Openmp program: A significant portion of CPU time is spent waiting and synchronization

Hi all,

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IdentityMine 公司的 Evan Lang 介绍基于一体机开发的空中曲棍球游戏


1280X720 (89.49 MB)

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Jpeg encoder problem with CMemBuffOutput

I am having problems with encoding a bytestream into Jpeg when the output is memory (CMemBuffOutput) but no problems at all when the output is a file (CStdFileOutput).

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开发面向 Windows* 8 的高 DPI 应用

Christopher Phlipot2013 年 3 月 14 日

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poorly scaling performance on NUMA


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Papi on Xeon Phi?


I was trying to use PAPI on Xeon Phi. The papi bins for mic can be found in 

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How to use Intel® Inspector 2014 for Systems


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omp simd safelen available only with !dir$ spelling

I've been using !dir$ omp simd safelen since ifort made it available.  The 14.0 compiler documentation says the directive should be available with the standard spelling !$omp simd safelen() (when e

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Memory leak for ipp version 7.0.205

Hi all,

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ShadowArtShowMaker: From Idea to reality!

My son is two and half years old and he likes all sorts of stories and animations.

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