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Episode 5.9 - Elimination of False Cache Line Sharing

We are continuing the discussion of optimization of multi-threaded applications. In this episode we will talk about a common pitfall in parallel programs: false sharing.

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Template Gates Games Wins Developer Showcase at Intel® Buzz Workshop San Francisco

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Targeting Android* Apps on x86- and ARM*-based devices with Visual Studio* 2015

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Intel® IoT Gateways: Wind River® IDP XT 3.0 Getting Started Guide

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The 0-Day Challenge: What is the Pulse of the Internet?

The core components of the Internet get updated constantly. Every time the source changes, the health and performance can change. A single source code change can fail to build, can break compatibility with existing code and can change the performance anywhere from a fraction of a percent up to 10% or more on major customer workloads. We're trying to read the pulse of our core components (Python,...
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Perception of Highlight Disparity at a Distance in Consumer Head-Mounted Displays

Stereo rendering for 3D displays and for virtual reality headsets provide several visual cues, including convergence angle and highlight disparity. The human visual system interprets these cues to estimate surface properties of the displayed environment. Naïve stereo rendering effectively doubles the computational burden of image synthesis, and thus it is desirable to reuse as many computations...
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Free Online Training on Parallel Programming and Optimization

The Colfax Hands On Workshop (HOW) training series is an integral part of the Intel Modern Code Developer program which supports developers in leveraging application performance in code through a systematic optimization methodology. Attendees of these workshops may receive a certificate of completion. The certificate states the Fundamental level of accomplishment in the Parallel Programming Track...
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Intel® INDE Tech Chat

Intel® Developer Forum 2015 took place August 18 – 20 in San Francisco. We presented a “Tech Chat” on Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience (Intel® INDE), where IDF attendees could ask any questions and discuss this topic in an informal setup, over a 2 hour period of time. Please see for more details on Intel INDE.
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Secrets of the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier Interface

This is a great tour for new users and a fast way for experienced users to get tips on customizing the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier interface for better productivity.

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AnDevCon Boston - My Experience

As the CTO of Black Gate Games (makers of Platino Studio and Platino 3, the only JavaScript game engine to build truly native APKs optimized for Intel's x86 devices) I have the opportunity to attend a wide variety of mobile development conferences focused on both iOS, and Android, or more commonly, both.
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