Intel® IoT Gateways: Gateway Installation Getting Started Guide

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Intel® IoT Gateways: Gateway Installation Getting Started Guide

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Intel® IoT Gateway Technology: Security Best Practices de Intel® IoT Gateway Technology: Security Best Practices

This document explains how to access and manage the security features on your gateway.

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How to use PhoneGap Build to build your XDK app

The key to managing your PhoneGap Build settings (and Cordova CLI) is the config.xml file located in your project's root folder (the folder that contains your

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Setting Up Your Environment for Recon Jet*

Before you can begin developing your first apps for ReconOs*, you must have the proper environment set up. This document contains instruction on how to set up Android Debug Bridge (ADB) – a versatile command line tool that lets you communicate with connected Recon Jet* devices – on Windows & Macintosh computers.
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Blender graphics offset and obscured with 7th gen HD graphics

For those that don't know, Blender is a very long established Open Source 3D modelling tool and game engine.
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Intel - Power Gadget

Hi, I don't know if I'm in the right place to ask that question.

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How can I show the ads?


I am beginner in game development. I have made 2d platform game for (android) mobile with construct2.

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Designer is gone ?

i just updated my intel xdk and trying to create a new app then i didn't find designer check box ,is it gone for good ?

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