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Hi all,

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I can't build my android App , error

i'm using intel xdk ,and trying to update an old app then this message showed up 


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Structure Reference de Intel® Media Server Studio - Developer Guide and Reference

In the following structure references, all reserved fields must be zero.

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Intel® Software Developer Zone

Learn about exciting innovations that are built with products from Intel. Explore topics that include Intel® RealSense™ technology, game development, machine learning, virtual reality, drones, and more.
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Kit de desarrollo Intel® Joule™

Obtenga el módulo y las extensiones Intel® Joule™, incluyendo los entornos de desarrollo integrados, sensores, ejemplos de código y bibliotecas.
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Video Processing Procedures de Intel® Media Server Studio - Developer Guide and Reference

Example 3 shows the pseudo code of the video processing procedure. The following describes a few key points:

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Get resources for developing artificial intelligence projects. Includes tutorials, tools, events, and competitions on the latest technologies.
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MFXVideoENCODE de Intel® Media Server Studio - Developer Guide and Reference

This class of functions performs the entire encoding pipeline from the input video frames to the output bitstream.

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Databases at the Edge de Sensors and Actuators Interfaces in JavaScript*

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