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Cross Platform Game Development: How Bad Can it be?

Expert Game Developer and Field Engineer Corey Johnson from Unity shares insights to help game developers build across platforms, taking into account the radical differences between them.

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Intel® Compiler Features de Intel® C++ Compiler Code Samples

There are many features in the Intel Compilers, and we are only demonstrating the following features at the moment.

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Image Processing: Averaging Filter with Intel® SDLT de Intel® C++ Compiler Code Samples

An Averaging filter is a commonly used filter in the field of image processing and is mainly used for removing any noise in a given image.

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Intel® IoT Gateways

Learn more about Intel® IoT Gateways, software, and hardware specifications.

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How best to beta test an IOS App with TestFlight (or AppPreview?)

My first XDK app is well on its way, and I will shortly want to send it out to beta testers outside my organisation, without having the whole faff with including UDIDs in their IOS provisioning pro

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Building Web Apps with the Intel® RealSense™ SDK

This video describes what you can do with JavaScript*, an Intel RealSense camera, and the Intel RealSense SDK. It walks you through development of a simple gesture application.

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Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers

An introduction to the capabilities and work-flow of the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers tool that enables game developers to tap the full performance potential of their gaming platform, incl

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Alignment in x86 is Broken for Inheritance

Here is a simple program demonstrating the problem. Both "static_assert"s should pass, but only the first does.

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Intel Software TV

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The Intel® IoT Developer Program provides an array of tools, libraries, and resources for complete IoT development.

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