Intel® AVX Realization Of IIR Filter For Complex Float Data

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Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector for Linux* - Intel® MPI Correctness Checking Library

Find out about the Intel® MPI Correctness Checking Library - a novel technology to detect errors with data types, buffers, communicators, point-to-point messages and collective operations, deadlocks, or data corruption in your MPI programs.
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Support for other MPI implementations

Does the Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector support different MPI implementation? Yes, it supports Intel MPI Library, MPICH, and any MPICH-based implementations. Find out how to switch between those libraries.
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Building NCAR Graphics* with the Intel® compilers

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How do I use Intel® MKL with Java*?

This document explaints how to use Intel MKL with Java*. Many examples of using various Intel MKL routines with Java are also attached.
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OMP: Error #15: Initializing libguide.lib, but found libguide40.dll already initialized.

Linker error generated when different parts of a program try to link both the static and dynamic versions of the OpenMP runtime. The solution is to expilcitly call out either a dynamic or static link.
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OpenMP und inkrementelle Parallelisierung - (article in german)

In diesem Artikel wird der inkrementelle OpenMP Ansatz zur Parallelisierung von sequentiellen Programmen vorgestellt. Der Schwerpunkt liegt auf der praktischen Darstellung von einfachen Programmbeispielen und nicht auf der Vollständigkeit der Beschreibung
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Optimize embarrassingly parallel loops

Algorithms that display data parallelism with iteration independence lend themselves to loops that exhibit ‘embarrassingly parallel’ code. We look at examples to maximize the performance of such loops with minimal effort.
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Namespace-scope using-declarations for class member types

In Microsoft compatibility, the namespace-scope using-declarations for class member types are no longer accepted by Intel C++ compiler.
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