Porting Advanced User Interfaces from iOS* To Windows 8*

This article discusses porting advanced user interface features from an iOS app to a Windows Store app.
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Porting the User Interface from an iOS* Basic App to Windows* 8

This article shows you how to port the basic UI design of an application from iOS* to Windows 8 on devices with a variety of form-factors like tablets
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Porting iOS* Custom Charts and Graphs to Windows* 8 UI

This article takes a look at the various ways custom graphs and charts are used in iOS* to create rich enterprise healthcare applications
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Advanced Touch Gestures API Overview, from iOS* to Windows* 8 Store Apps

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Redesign Your iPad* App for Windows* 8

A great in-depth, step by step guide and covers a lot ground on how to deliver great UX and take full advantage of Windows* 8
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The Last Line Effect

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Advanced Computer Concepts for the (Not So) Common Chef: The Multi-core Industrial Kitchen

This is going to be a short blog as there is no new material to discuss, just a simple extension of the earlier blogs (see

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