Transcoding and Codec Optimization: Tips & Tricks


by Khang Nguyen

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Achieving Performance: An Approach to Optimizing a Game Engine

by Will Damon

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Optimization Techniques for Intel® Multi-Core Processors


Intel® Software Development Products Help Developers Program and Optimize for Multi-Core Intel® Architecture Processors.

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Optimizing the Rendering Pipeline of Animated Models Using the Intel Streaming SIMD Extensions

This article provides an overview of an improved SIMD optimized rendering pipeline of animated models.
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Writing High Performance .NET Code

With Microsoft® .NET Framework, developers can now quickly build rich and robust business solutions. Because architecture and design of these solutions is not straightforward, developers must be aware of core performance issues. This paper discusses designing for performance as well as providing information about common mistakes.
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How do I use Intel® MKL with Java*?

This document explaints how to use Intel MKL with Java*. Many examples of using various Intel MKL routines with Java are also attached.
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Apple iPhone Performance Study

Documents the performance of an Apple iPhone when running various workloads. The study was done by jailbreaking an iPhone and then remotely accessing it while the workloads were being run.
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Dissecting STREAM benchmark with Intel® Performance Counter Monitor

Intel® Performance Counter Monitor (Intel® PCM) is an API and a set of tools that should help developers to understand how their appl

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Optimized for the Intel® Atom™ Processor with the Intel® Compiler

This technical note provides a quick overview over some of the key ways in which the Intel® C++ Compiler can be used to improve the application respsonsiveness and execution speed you can achieve on an Intel® Atom™ Processor based platform.
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Download Optimizing with Intel® TBB

Sample code for "Optimizing with TBB" download page
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