如何在虚拟机中运行 Yocto Linux 操作系统

有时我们需要一个完整的开发环境来编译、部署和测试解决方案,有时无法直接在硬件上操作,或者简单来说,提供的 SDK 不足以实行我们的开发计划。 这可能是,比如,英特尔 Edison 或 Galileo 所面临的情况:如何在 Yocto Linux 操作系统上编译整个框架、运行时,以及它们之间的依赖关系?

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Exploring the HPS and FPGA onboard the Terasic DE10-Nano

Terasic DE10-Nano is a development kit that contains an Intel® Cyclone® device. The Intel® Cyclone® V device contains a Hard Processor System (HPS) and field-programmable gate array (FPGA) with a wealth of peripherals onboard for creating some interesting applications. One of the most basic things to accomplish with this system is to control the LEDs that are physically connected to the FPGA....
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