Talk with MATLAB* over Intel® Quark™ Microcontroller UART

Intel® System Studio 2016 for Microcontrollers is an integrated tool suite for developing, optimizing, and debugging systems and firmware for the Intel® Quark™ microcontroller D2000 and Intel® Quark™ SE microcontroller development boards, which offers a microcontroller core to enable applications from device control to edge sensing IoT solutions.
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Intel® Quark™ Microcontroller D2000 — Enabling DHT11 Humidity Sensor: Application Note

This application note explains how to interface the DHT11 sensor with the Intel® Quark™ Microcontroller D2000 and sets it as a reference methodology to enable other Arduino* compatible sensors.

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Designing Scalable IoT Architectures

Designing for the Internet of Things is challenging. The technology is rapidly changing, and architecting for these situations can be complex. This article will discuss both design considerations for IoT and new methods in creating a robust network using Intel® processors.
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Intel Global IoT DevFest

Celebrating the FIRST EVER Global IoT DevFest! Registration is Still Open to Watch Replays! ATTENTION – There’s still time to sign up for the latest edition of our Intel Global IoT DevFest II on Nov 7-8th 2017.
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