Archived - Elevating Head of the Order* Gameplay with Gesture Control

Learn how Intel® Black Belt and Software Innovator Jacob Pennock and his team worked to enhance user experience for the Livid Interactive game Head of the Order by implementing improved gesture controls and 3D hand-tracking using the Intel® RealSense™ F200 camera and SDK.
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The eXtensible Device Metadata (XDM) Specification - Version 1.0

The eXtensible Device Metadata (XDM) specification, version 1.0, is a standard for storing device-related metadata in common image containers such as JPEG and PNG while maintaining compatibility with existing image viewers. TThe data storage format is based on the Adobe XMP standard. XDM has been adopted as an open file format at (Download is in PDF format).
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Archived - How to Record and Playback Streaming Sequences in Intel® RealSense™ SDK

The Intel® RealSense™ SDK provides a new feature for developers to record camera streaming sequences to a file on disk for future playback. This feature is very helpful in debugging and troubleshooting camera issues in the apps. Recording raw color and depth streams into disk files imposes a challenge for disk IO bandwidth on the host system. For example, with color configuration RGB32...
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Tanked Augmented Sand Game

Intel® Software Innovator Nathan Greiner from Design Mill shows an inventive technology using a table of sand to dynamically generate the game  terrain in an tank vs tank game.

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ARcher ARcade Augmented FPS game

Intel® Software Innovator Pedro Kayatt, of VR-Monkey, demos a new type of game where the room is the new level.  Using Intel® RealSense™ Technology long-range camera, Pedro is able to scan his envi

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Put your Player in the Game: Intel® RealSense™

If you’re looking for that next new experience to put into your games, you should consider Intel® RealSense™ Technology.

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Archived - Applying Intel® RealSense™ SDK Face Scans to a 3D Mesh

Learn how to use the Intel® RealSense™ SDK to scan and map a user’s face onto an existing 3D character model. The face mapping sample uses the 3D Scan module to scan the user's face and then map it onto an existing 3D head model. This technique does a "stone face" mapping that is not rigged or currently capable of animating. The code is written in C++ and uses DirectX*.
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Archived - Intel® RealSense™ R200 Camera Overview

Tim Duncan goes over some of the features of the Intel® RealSense™ R200 camera

Download the SDK and R200 DCM

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Archived - Native Intel® RealSense™ SDK Image Copying in Unity*

Use this code sample to learn how to use a native Unity plug-in to increase performance of displaying Intel® RealSense™ SDK image data by bypassing the C# layers of the SDK. Image data is uploaded to the GPU directly through the graphics API.
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Archived - Unreal Engine* 4: Adding the Intel® RealSense™ Plugin to a New Project

In this video, you will learn how to create a new UE4 C++ Code Project and add the Intel® RealSense™ Plugin to it.




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