Rotates a servo motor through rotary angle sensor

A simple node.js application that demonstrates when rotary angle sensor is being moved it will make servo motor rotate.

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Node.js* and Node-RED*: IoT with Windows* 10 Enterprise

A solution brief to construct an IoT application running on Windows* 10 Enterprise IoT gateway using Node and Node-RED. Node-RED is a visual development tool allows users to create IoT apps quickly and easily.
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Intel® Level Up Winner Synchrom Combines Color, Music, and Touch to Addictive Effect

Winner of Best Action Game in the 2015 Intel® Level Up Contest, Synchrom has the addictive thrill of classic shooters and puzzle games, set to pulsing music and stirring colors. Morphiks Studios coded their game in HTML5 and used multiple JavaScript* libraries to complete their groundbreaking title, and they tell us how they did it in this article.
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IoT Device Telemetry using Microsoft* Azure* with Node.js*

This article describes how to create a Node.js* IoT device telemetry with the Azure* Event Hub service. It provides the steps to setup an Event Hub on Microsoft* Azure* cloud and the Node.js telemetry sample code for the client IoT device to communicate to the Microsoft Azure cloud. For more information about this article, see the Intel IoT Gateway Forum for Q and A.
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Trying out Node.js* - first impressions

It has been almost 4 months since I started using Node.js* full time to  build Web Applications, and I must say, so far it has been a great journey.

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Introduction to Node.Js

We have been hearing a lot about node.js. It's popular among web developers and IoT specialists, but what exactly is it, and why is it widely used as a primary language for development?

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Learn about Node Modules in Node.js*

What is node module? A module encapsulates related code into a single unit of code. When creating a module, this can be interpreted as moving all related functions into a file. Node modules run in their own scope so that they do not conflict with other modules. Node relatedly provides access to some globals to help facilitate module interoperability. The primary 2 items that we are concerned with...
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Remote Debug Node.js Applications that Use the Intel® IoT Gateway

This article outlines the steps to remote debug a Node.js* app running on the Intel® IoT Gateway with the Node-Inspector* tool. Although the Intel® IoT Gateway Developer Hub supports remote debugging JavaScript* applications with Wind River* Helix* App Cloud, this is an alternative approach.
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Hardware Overview de Setting up an Intel® IoT Gateway using the Intel® IoT Developer Kit and Intel® IoT Gateway Software Suite

In order to take advantage of the Intel® IoT Gateway, you'll need to assemble your own gateway "kit", including components like the gateway, the sensors you want to add to your project, and a host computer for programming the gateway. This section contains an overview of the major hardware components you'll need to assemble your Intel® IoT Gateway kit.

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