Program Record/Replay Toolkit

Tools to capture and replay in a deterministic manner x86 Linux program executions. Write repeatable analysis tools based on replay using the Pin API.
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Express Service Gateway - SSL Security without Client Cert.


We have setup an invocation agent to call a third party web service which runs on https.

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Get Subscribed Plan from API Portal in ESG workflow


In ESG Workflow I have one doubt on how to get the limits of plan that is subscribed by a subscriber in API portal. Will that be possible.? 

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Get time when the OAuth token expires


I am generating an Ouath token from API Portal. Now, what I want is that I want to know when exactly the OAuth token that is created gets expired. Can I get that information?

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Products formerly supported here are now supported on new site

These products are now supported here:

Please click on the "Contact Us" link for support options.

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Intel ESG

Hi, I have a requirement where the incoming message to the Intel ESG is a SOAP with Attachment(SwA) message. The attachment is a .csv file. The ESG has to take the attachment file and place it in the SFTP folder.

Can someone please help on dealing with the attachment file ? I tried the function get-attachment(ma_key,attachment_position) whose return type is mentioned as Document Object...

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DrDebug : Linux* Command Line Usage

Using DrDebug requires following two phases1. recording and 2. replaying.

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PinPlay* Testimonials

I. From Rice University
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PinPlay* FAQ

I. How long does record/replay take?

Record/replay overhead is a function of number of memory accesses and the amount of sharing in the test program.

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iaca: manually specify start/stop address


This looks like a great tool!

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