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Beginning Hybrid MPI/OpenMP Development

A guide for getting started combining MPI and OpenMP in one program. Code samples are included.
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VTune™ Amplifier XE Fails When Used With MPIRUN

Here is a common problem, and solution, when trying to use VTune Amplifier XE with MPI applications and the mpirun launcher.
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Using the Intel® MPI Library in a server/client setup

A guide for using the MPI_Comm_accept and MPI_Comm_connect functions to form a server/client program suite with the Intel® MPI Library.
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Answers About Intel Cluster Studio XE

Gergana Slavova, Intel Cluster Tools Technical Consulting Engineer answers questions about how Intel® Cluster Studio XE helps developers build, verify, tune and deploy applications that run faster

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Intel® Cluster Studio XE 2012 Release Notes

This page provides the current Release Notes for the Intel® Cluster Studio XE 2012 products.

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One-sided MPI communication never returns in some cases


I tried running the following code on a Linux cluster with Intel MPI (Version 4.0 Update 3 Build 20110824) and slurm 2.2.7 on 2 nodes with 8 cores each (16 tasks).

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Suspend an MPI job


How can I suspend all the processes in an MPI job? I tried to use I_MPI_JOB_SIGNAL_PROPAGATION but it didn't seem to work. I am using Intel MPI Thanks.


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kit-intelruntime2.0-0.x86_64.iso was not available to download

Dear Sir:

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Parallelization Using Intel® MPI

Compiler Methodology for Intel® MIC Architecture

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A conflict event was happened with Ethernet port (e1000) during the upload linux kernel with Redboot

The details of development as following:

1. Linux Kernel: linux-

2. Patch File: patch-

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