Compiler, Architecture and Tools Conference (CATC) 2015

This conference will focus on these exciting new directions and how they are influencing the architecture and compilation domain.
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My Experience from Spark Summit

Spark Summit is a professional conference which usually has in attendance thousands of developers, scientist, analysts, researchers and executives from all over the world. At the conference, attendees come together to understand how big data, machine learning and data science could deliver new insights. The 2016 mid-year event of Spark Summit concluded today in San Francisco, California. Now the...
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随着汽车进入自主世界的中心,开发商被赋予创造创新和无缝的解决方案以快速响应市场需求并与市场需求一起增长的任务。 这在车辆和数据中心两方面都要求一些重大的资源。 英特尔已从消费者出发构建了一个生态系统。 利用这些工具,您将能创造——并且重新创造——驾驶的体验。

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Scaling for IoT Market Demands

Intel offers a range of hardware options for IoT deployments. Computing power progresses in order from the Intel Atom® processor,to the Intel® Core™ processor and finally to the Intel® Xeon® processor. As IoT demand drives increases in data volume, a more powerful processor is required, as well as additional storage.
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Beyond Sensing - Developing UP Squared based Computer Vision Projects

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Legacy OpenCL™ Runtimes for Intel® Processors

Please see the new portal for OpenCL™ deployments prior to accessing this legacy content.

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Introduction to Digital Signage/Kiosk and Developing Display Technology

Digital displays and  kiosks are all around you.  You may have seen them cropping up at shopping centers and doctors’ offices.

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OpenVINO™ 工具套件版本说明

OpenVINO™ 2018 R3 Release - Gold release of the Intel® FPGA Deep Learning Acceleration Suite accelerates AI inferencing workloads using Intel® FPGAs that are optimized for performance, power, and cost, Windows* support for the Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick, Python* API preview that supports the inference engine, Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) Model Zoo provides initial support for...
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Release Notes for Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit 2018


NOTE: The Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit was formerly known as the Intel® Computer Vision SDK

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