Making the Monte Carlo Approach Even Easier and Faster

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Overview of Summary Statistics (SS) in Intel® MKL


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Optimize Financial Applications using Intel® Math Kernel Library

Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) contains a wealth of highly optimized math functions that are fundamental to a wide variety of Financial Applications.

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Optimization of Data Read/Write in a Parallel Application

(This work was done by Vivek Lingegowda during his internship at Intel.)

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Non-Obvious Implementation Choices for the Monte Carlo Simulation

This article was written for the Monte Carlo Simulation of European Swaptions sample
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uBank Mobile Limited Optimizes UBANK Personal Finance App for Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Android*

Tablet users can now perform a variety of financial transactions directly from their Android*

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Unlocking the compute power of Intel(R) Graphics Technology to boost the performance of a Black Scholes program

Author: Christopher Palmer


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Multithreaded Code Optimization in PARSEC* 3.0: BlackScholes

Learn about the Blach-Scholes benchmark, part of the benchmark suite of multithreaded programs that comprise the Princeton Application Repository for Shared-Memory Computers (PARSEC).
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Optimize Data Layout with SIMD Templates

Contrast results for manually tuning financial data and using data layout templates in the Intel® C++ Compiler.
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