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Intel Architecture and Processor Identification With CPUID Model and Family Numbers

Summary of recent Intel processor's cpuid values, model and family numbers linked to the architecture codename and processor codename as well as their brand names and model. Summary covers mainline IA x86 and x64 90nm, 65nm, 45nm, and 32nm processors.
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Возможное будущее микропроцессорной индустрии

В этой статье поговорим о возможном развитии микропроцессорной индустрии. А именно перепрограммирования микропроцессоров на лету.
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英特尔® 编译器英特尔® SSE 与英特尔® AVX 生成(SSE2、SSE3、SSE3_ATOM、SSSE3、SSE4.1、SSE4.2、AVX、AVX2)选项和特定处理器优化选项

Explains which Intel® Compiler switches to use to target and optimize for a specific platform, microarchitecture, CPU or processor.
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The Role of Sensors in Redefining Human-Computer Interaction

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Blog post - New Wifi location feature

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Blog post - Run your own on Amazon!

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Vectorization Diagnostics for Intel(R) C++ Compiler 14.0 or below

We have a similar catalog of vectorization diagnostics for the Intel® Fortran Compiler

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IDF2013 - Arrived in San Francisco!

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Power Management: Policy? We don’t need no stinking policy!+

Yep. Here is another blog series from yours truly. Unfortunately, it will delay my long awaited – at least by me – discussion on measuring power.

Here is a rough outline for the blogs:

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BKMs on the use of the SIMD directive

We had an ask from one of the various “Birds of a Feather” meetings Intel® holds at venues such as at the Super Computing* (SC) and International Super Computing* (ISC) conferences.

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