Energy Efficiency of Virtual Machines

Designing low power virtualization solutions has become very important for extending the battery life of mobile systems. This paper reports the power profile of leading desktop virtualization solutions under idle and workload conditions.
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Extending Battery Life For Streaming Media Playback

This paper reports on the power consumption profile of streaming media streams & their impact on mobile device battery life. Additionally, we provide an analysis of playback behavior to identify issues such as high context switches or interrupt rates.
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Developing Green Software


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Android* Power Measurement Techniques

by Tuan H. Bui

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Designing for User Experience, Power, and Performance on Tablets

This document is written from the perspective of an application designer and author.

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For Ultrabook™ developers, with great power comes great responsibility

This following article was subsidized by Intel and authored by Zebra Partners.

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Conserving Active Power

This article presents techniques to optimize applications to save power during active use. These techniques include multi-threading, batching of I/0 accesses, and reducing memory bandwidth. Some of the techniques are applicable for general program usage.
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Developing Power-Efficient Apps for Ultrabook™ Devices

Power-efficient performance is a key component of Ultrabook™ devices and mobile devices in general.

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Windows* 8 Software Power Optimization

This white paper is one in a series of papers on making software more energy efficient in order to extend PC battery life.
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Developing Power Aware Applications on Android*

1. Power aware applications
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