Real-Time Parametric Shallow Wave Simulation

The simulation of ocean waves provides a significant challenge to computer graphics. In this article we describe an implementation of a real-time shallow ocean wave simulation using Microsoft DirectX* 10.
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A way to re-attach polygonal models without creating 3-sided or n-sided polygons. This article is for 3D-modelers, animators;creators of game characters.
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Dynamic Volumetric Cloud Rendering for Games on Multi-Core Platforms

Most games render clouds with planar cloud textures mapping to the sky dome, which isn't visually convincing when approaching or passing through clouds. For a realistic experience in flying games, we describe a technique for dynamic volumetric clouds.
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Exploiting the Power of Softimage's Render Tree

The Render Tree in Autodesk* Softimage* allows you to create dynamic property assignments by connecting shader nodes, and then bundle them into presets and shader compounds via this visual interface. This article describes how to do this.
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Interactive Geometric Sound Propagation and Rendering

This white paper describes a novel algorithm for sound propagation and rendering in virtual environments and media applications using geometric propagation techniques for fast computation of propagation paths.
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Embree: Photo-Realistic Ray Tracing Kernels

Photo-realistic rendering requires accurate simulation of light propagation according to physics laws. The best known way to solve this problem is Monte Carlo ray tracing. We describe a state-of-the-art photo-realistic Monte Carlo rendering engine.
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Dynamic Resolution Rendering Article

The resolution selection screen has been a defining aspects of PC gaming. In this whitepaper and accompanying sample code, we argue that developers can dynamically vary the resolution of their rendering instead of having a static resolution selection.
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Improved Perception of Digital Content

The limited spatial resolution of current displays makes depiction of very fine spatial details difficult. We describe a system that conveys the impression of enhanced spatial resolution on a conventional display.
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Case Study: Parallelizing a Recursive Problem with Intel® Threading Building Blocks

Intel worked closely with DreamWorks Animation engineers to improve the performance of a key rendering system library by up to 35X performance improvement in some cases.
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Surface Based Anti-Aliasing

We present surface based anti-aliasing (SBAA), a new approach to real-time anti-aliasing for deferred renderers that improves the performance and lowers the memory requirements for anti-aliasing methods that sample sub-pixel visibility. We introduce a novel way of decoupling visibility determination from shading that, compared to previous multi-sampling based approaches, significantly reduces the...
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