QEMU boots and runs very slow on Linux*

On a Linux* system, QEMU runtime may be slow if the kvm kernel module is not enabled.

To check if the kvm module is enabled:

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VMware Fusion 5 supports Intel® VTune™ Amplifier event sampling

One of the great features in Intel® VTune™ Amplifier is the use of the event monitoring registers built into Intel processors.

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作者:Thomas Burger

本文讨论了独立软件厂商为何要开发面向虚拟机环境软件以及能够使软件性能在虚拟机环境中实现最优化的软件技术,并要充分利用英特尔® 虚拟化技术(Intel® Virtual Technology)。此外,本文还讨论了在软件开发和分配工作中使用虚拟机带来的优势。

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Open Source - OpenStack

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Speeding Up Your Cloud Environment On Intel® Architecture

In my previous blog, I discussed “Ways to Speeding up Your Cloud Environment

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TouchDesigner / Interview with Jarrett Smith and Ben Voigt

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One platform layer to rule them all: Ultimate Coder Challenge

There is a fundamental problem when creating new hardware: you need software using it before anyone is willing to buy it.

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Good UI design from the other side - Ultimate Coder

This week I've been thinking a lot about how to design a UI toolkit, and this is about to get very techy, because I would like to talk about API design.

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Migrating Server Workloads to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization on Intel® Xeon® Processor 2600-based Servers for Performance and Cost Improvements

Continued enhancements to Intel platforms and KVM-based Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization make platform refresh an attractive proposition.

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Looking for Beacon Mountain support?

Beacon Mountain is a codename for Intel's development environment for developers of native Android* applications.

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