Developer Training

This page brings together resources to help both novice and seasoned parallel and concurrent programmers on their journey to many-core computing.
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GA Tech Student Code for Good Hackathon - Live Blog

Thursday, September 27, 7:42AM PDT

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Effective Use of the Intel Compiler's Offload Features

Effective Use of the Intel Compiler’s Offload Features for Intel MIC Architecture
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Intel for Android* Developers Learning Series Landing Page

This is an online version of Intel Press Book: An Introduction... Intel for Android* Developers.

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         为了方便Windows8 Metro风格的应用开发,微软为Javascript开发了一个非常有用的工具包,即WinJS。

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Intel® System Studio - Multicore Programming with Intel® Cilk™ Plus

Intel System Studio not only provides a variety of signal processing primitives via Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP), and Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL), but also allows developing high-performance low-latency custom code (Intel C++ Compiler with Intel Cilk Plus). Since Intel Cilk Plus is built into the compiler, it can be used where it demands an efficient threading...
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