Does a "named user license" (single user license) need an Intel® FLEXlm* License Manager?

A "named user license" (single user license) does not use a license server manager, and only requires a local license file. Only floating licenses and node locked licenses need a

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Where is the Intel® Software License Manager User's Guide?

The Intel® License Manager Users Guide is attached to this article.
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Should the Intel® License Manager for FLEXlm* be installed on the same OS that the license is limited to?

If customers try to install the Intel license manager for FLEXlm on a different machine with that the license supports, should it be allowed? The article clarifies this question.
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FlexLM* and Alternate Interface Names

Currently, FlexLM* does not support using alternate interface names, such as em1. A hostid of 000000000000 will be returned instead.
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Troubleshooting License Manager Problems

The following is a guide to troubleshooting problems with licenses using the Intel® Software License Manager. 

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