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OpenMP* and the Intel® IPP Library

How to configure OpenMP in the Intel IPP library to maximize multi-threaded performance of the Intel IPP primitives.
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Intel® System Studio 2014 Update 1 - What's New

Intel® System Studio 2014 provides deep hardware and software insights to speed-up development, testing and optimization of Intel-ba

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Media Client Getting Started Guide

Media Client Getting Started Guide Introduction
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Crosswalk 是采用 Chrome 浏览器的 Blink 渲染引擎并支持最新的HTML5 API,包括WebGL,WebRTC,WebAudio,WebSocket等等的 Web 引擎,提供了比 WebView 更好的用户体验,大家可以在

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Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) - Calling Image Processing Functions

IPP image processing and color conversion FAQ
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Platform Analyzer - Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (GPA)

Seth presents Platform Analyzer – the tool for CPU offline analysis in Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers. Learn how to use Platform Analyzer and discover its many different features.

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Intel® Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager

A brief description of the Intel® Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager--a hardware-assisted virtualization engine--and supported systems.
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Smart Baby Monitor with Intel® Edison and Ubidots

Intel Edison is small enough for wearables. It gives lot of flexibility to developers through the languages and programming environment it offers and it has integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that makes it ideal for a wearable. Now a days there are many wearables in market for different purposes, so why not we make one for babies. With increase in nuclear families there is no one to guide the new...
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新版unity中如何配置Android X86平台

从unity4.6版本开始,unity已经对Android系统支持x86平台的编译构建了,同时也支持了通用二进制 (通用二进制作为默认的编译选项)。


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