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Webservice JSON in post body


  I am trying to call the post method of a Nodejs webservice which expects a json object in the body.

How would I do this with XDK & IODOCS?



Criado por Varun R. Última atualização em 13/02/2016 - 04:00
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i7-4770 CPU is not supporting hardware decoding


I am having a i7-4770 CPU whose system analysis report is as follows:

Criado por monotosh d. Última atualização em 13/02/2016 - 03:54
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Compile Error: ifort.exe not found

Hello all

I know that there was a similar topic already, but it is closed and I haven't found a proper answer out there.

Criado por Marcin S. Última atualização em 13/02/2016 - 04:15
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IOS Build Fail


I'm not able to build for IOS.

Always gives error:

Criado por Nuno A. Última atualização em 13/02/2016 - 03:39
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Enabling swap on mic with mpss-3.6 on centos7

Trying to enable mic_virtblk on the host - the card always reports

[    7.481039] Module mic_virtblk loaded at 0xffffffffa007d000 [    7.488805] Have you set virtblk file?

Criado por Nirmal P. Última atualização em 13/02/2016 - 04:22
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MODULEFILE creation the easy way

If you use Environment Modules  (from Sourceforge, SGI, Cray, etc) to setup and control your shell environment variables, we've created a new article on how to quickly and correctly cre

Criado por Última atualização em 13/02/2016 - 04:26
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Poor speed in MIC

Dear All:

Criado por Masrul Última atualização em 13/02/2016 - 04:27
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OpenMP 4.0 Copying partial arrays to the device - weird behavior

Hello all.  I am trying to reduce my offload costs by only copying the data that I need.

Criado por Paulius V. Última atualização em 13/02/2016 - 04:29
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Get the Power Consumption Info When Running a Program


When I run a program using offload mode, I want to collect the information of power consumption of the MIC. Is there any way to do that?

Criado por Jiawen L. Última atualização em 13/02/2016 - 04:30
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VAD in SFU mode and Lock Conference Room

Hi Elmer,

1. Is it Possible for VAD in SFU mode.

2. How can i lock a conference, is there any feature available for lock conferece 



Criado por Naresh R. Última atualização em 12/02/2016 - 23:00
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