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Brian Krzanich Unveils Button-Sized IoT Computer: Intel® Curie™ Technology

Having spent the last year working with developers around the country building IoT projects with Intel® Edison technology and Intel® Galileo technology, I am extremely excited to about the new devi

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Intel® Nervana™ AI Academy para estudiantes y académicos

Acelere su investigación sobre inteligencia artificial con clases prácticas en la Intel® Nervana™ AI Academy.
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IDF16: Intel® Software Recap

Software, Networking and IoT Create “Best of All Worlds” at Intel Developer Forum 2016
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Intel® Ultimate Coder Challenge 2016 – Team Update: Whirlwind

Team Whirlwind took on the notion of making cars more secure and safe while staying inexpensive. They are doing so by creating a real time safety score, which other drivers can see, and adjust their own driving habits accordingly. With the power of the cloud, all this becomes possible and interconnected in hopes to increasing safety on our roads.
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How to set up your Intel® Galileo Development Board #iot

Whether you are about to attend your first “Internet of Things” (IOT)  hackathon or you just want to "Make" something, you will  want to acquire an Intel Galileo Arduino development board.  Once yo

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IBM Interconnect 2017

Tap into the most advanced cloud technology in the market today
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Events for Intel® Parallel Computing Centers

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Aprendizaje profundo | Inteligencia artificial

Encuentre herramientas para entrenar e implementar su solución de aprendizaje profundo. Mejore el desempeño de las redes neurales profundas con marcos como Caffe, Theano y Neon™.
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