Introducing ConsoleTab, Bringing Android* to PC Devices

Christopher Price shows off ConsoleTab first tablet in the US that launches with Windows® 10 and Android*.

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Intel XDK doesn´t start on Mac

Hi People of Intel,

I´ve just downloaded and installed the XDK 3522 but doesn´t start, it keeps in blank and shut down in a pair of minutes.

I have a OSX 10.10.5

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Using the Intel® C++ Compiler with Microsoft* Visual Studio 2015*

This video explains the basic software requirements of Intel® C++ Compiler for Windows, demonstrates how to use Intel® C++ Compiler within Visual Studio 2015* IDE and where to find the documentatio

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New version Intel XDK 3522 doesn't work.

Hi everybody,

       I have just update the new version of Intel XDK 3522, and when I try to build the project I have the same error:

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Android and iOS apps only working after device restart, Windows crashes on start up

Hi, I need urgent help please. My deadline for release is next week.

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Unable to create directory Android 6.0.1


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Local Sqlite database does not connect, when i upgrading to 3491

Recently i have upgrade the version 3491, after that i unable to connect my local sqlite database. I have used cordova-sqlite-storage plugin. 

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XDK Crashes on large project upload during build (version 3088/3240)

Hello Developers,

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Error in uploading project files: : self signed certificate in certificate chain

Please see this post for a workaround and report back here if the workaround was effective >

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Realsense and Intel Joule

I was at IDF, there was a talk and demonstration of running the realsense on the Intel Joule.  Does anyone know where to download the samples for this are?




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