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Configure number of processors available to MKL NumPy

Is there a config file or a command line parameter to set the number of available processors for MKLnumpy to take advantage of?  


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Python fails to install

I get an  error when I run the install program


It says


There is a problem with the windows Installer package.

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Python Windows mkl_intel_thread.dll bug?

Intel Python Distribution 2.7 v1.0.0tp1

import numpy as np x = np.array([3, 5]),x)

Gives the expected result, but

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Are the Intel Performance Libraries required to be installed?

Do we have to install MKL or any of the other Intel Performance Libraries to use the Intel Python Distribution? I'm using Windows 7 SP1.

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Library Link Error

Hi: I tried to link Theano with the your python library.

When I tried to test Theano

 python -c "import theano; theano.test()"

I got the following error

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Managing packages with other python installations

I have python2.7 already installed on my machine and then installed Intel Python at /opt/intel/python/2.7.20150803_184913/ on my Linux machine.

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Python and XEON Phi


I haven't installed the Distribution for Python yet. Does anyone know if offloading from python to Xeon Phi coprocessor card is possible?

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where is numpy and scipy

new to python

how to import numpy and scipy which are installed by the installer?


i got error calling the command import numpy  

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Motivation for the Intel Python Distribution?

I am writing to ask what the motivation is for the Intel Python Distribution.

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Intel Python Download: Page 404 not found?

Hi,   After registering for the technical preview of the Intel distribution of Python, I received an e-mail with download instructions.


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