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allocate surface pool

the sentence in manual  "The application must allocate two frame surface pools, one for the input and the other for the output" ,please give me specified function.

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Switchable graphics, Windows 8, Quicksync h/w availabilty..

We were deciding which high-end laptop to buy for demos of a new product where we use Quicksync to significantly speed up transcoding. The person responsible had chosen a Lenovo ThinkPad W530 w.

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Alloc error

error occured when i was using the function Alloc() for allocating surface pool, error is that "0xC0000005: Access violation", who can help me solve this case.

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I need a program for converting RGB4 to NV12 via MSDK VPP.

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Fixed files size VBR encoding

Segmenting encoders are required to output continuous short AVC files, say 1S in duration.   Furthermore, the files size have a fixed maximum, say 1MB.   The segment files are usually transferred o

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MVC encoding

Is there a specific reason why the Media SDK encoder doesn't support MVC encoding with >2 views?When or will it even be available?For AS3D screens with 5-9 this is crucial.

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Transcode multiplexed A/V

I have a task to transcode A/V data that has a few elementary streams encoded within.

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What is the limitation on frame width & height?

My work is to decode video stream then enlarge or shrink the decoded result with VPP. The original decoded result and enlarged frame are all kept for outputs.
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DecodeHeader needs different number of H264 frames under different Intel graphics drivers

My debuggings show that the DecoderHeader in the following call needs more data in Intel graphics driver 2770 than that in driver 2778.

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Acquiring source code of MSDK mp4 muxer

Hi there,There seems no source code of "MSDK mp4 muxer" included in those provided samples.

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