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Scope of IMPLICIT statement in SUBMODULES

An earlier thread concluded that IMPLICIT (NONE) in a module applied to all procedures defined in the scoping unit of the module.

Criado por Andrew Smith Última atualização em 20/02/2017 - 00:48
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output format


I am trying to write my results in an output file but unable to write large data set. (compaq visual fortran)

    write(7,"(20(1X,F22.12))") (resul(jplot,ii),jplot=1,nusav)

Criado por Abbas H. Última atualização em 20/02/2017 - 01:19
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MPI_Allreduce is toooo slow

Criado por seongyun k. Última atualização em 19/02/2017 - 23:48

对比英特尔® Joule™ 模块和英特尔® Edison 模块

The Intel® Joule™ module is the newest addition to a line of powerful, multi-purpose development boards from Intel. This small package contains an Atom™ quad-core processor, clocked at an impressive 1.7 GHz, 4 gigabytes of LPDDR4 RAM, Dual band Wi-Fi antenna, Bluetooth®, and an Intel® HD Graphics Processing Unit.
Criado por Franklin B. (Intel) Última atualização em 19/02/2017 - 23:28
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GAMESS(US), ifort and MKL on Mac issue

Hello. To maximally optimize performance of quantum chemistry calculations I decided to compile GAMESS(US) using Intel toolchain and MKL on Mac, and starting lked I get the following issue:

Criado por Dmitry G. Última atualização em 19/02/2017 - 16:50
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Maybe inconsistence in SGX documentation


i think i have spotted a inconsistence in the two SGX papers.




Criado por Joe63 Última atualização em 19/02/2017 - 08:38

The Ultimate Question of Programming, Refactoring, and Everything

Yes, you've guessed correctly - the answer is "42".

Criado por Andrey Karpov Última atualização em 19/02/2017 - 05:10
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Question to Thread Context

In the developer Guide (chapter Programming Model) is stated that the untrusted code selects the thread context to be used within the enclave.

Criado por Joe63 Última atualização em 19/02/2017 - 03:10
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Using diferent dataset


Criado por Abhishek 81 Última atualização em 19/02/2017 - 00:48
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Missing variables in stdcall headers?


I have MKL 2017 with update 1 installed in Windows 10.

I'm using DORM22 from Lapack as an example.

cdecl headers:

Criado por Mikhail Kovalev Última atualização em 18/02/2017 - 22:59
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