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Array attribution with all elements


one way to set values to all elements of an array is:

Do i=1, N A(i)=2*B(i) C(1,i)=2*B(i) End do

Another possibility is to use this:

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Compaq Visual Fortran

I have a copy of the original Digital Visual Fortran which eventually became the Compaq Visual Fortran. I have purchesed all upgrades and versions until they have discontinued.

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Global Options de Intel® MPI Library Developer Reference for Linux* OS

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Global Options de Intel® MPI Library Developer Reference for Windows* OS

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Hydra Environment Variables de Intel® MPI Library Developer Reference for Linux* OS

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The Reduction clause stack overflow problem in solving a hybrid MPI/OpenMP application

I have found that there is an essential limitation in the use the Reduction clause in solving a hybrid MPI/OpenMP problem: if the dimension of an array in the clause exceeds the default stack size for threads 4Mb, the stack overflow takes place. The use of KMP_SET_STACKSIZE routine to increase the stack size to 100Mb does not resolve the problem. Below the source of the FORTRAN test_mpi_openmp...

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Play mp4 videos


Hi at during a test.. i can't play a video using app designer .. i use this code

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Cannot activate Fortran download


Hello -

I recently lost one of my PCs due to a disk failure, and I got the new one going, web access and everything.

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how to downloads files inside iframe

I'm working on Android app and

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