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advisor use with msvc++ or gcc/gfortran/g++ Windows

Advisor (beta update 2) seems to report reliably on gcc/gfortran/g++ loop vectorization and use of AVX/FMA, even on Windows, but doesn't display source code on Windows.

Criado por Tim Prince Última atualização em 03/08/2015 - 16:05
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inefficient remainder report

I looked into some of these reports.  It seems that it means simply that at least 25% of the samples fell in the remainder loop (for an Intel compilation with vectorization).   I looked into one wi

Criado por Tim Prince Última atualização em 03/08/2015 - 15:56
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windows 10 results directory inaccessible

When I attempt to run Advisor 2016 update 2, it creates a subfolder results directory hs000 with no permissions.  Even if I run as administrator, Advisor fails due to inability to write into this f

Criado por Tim Prince Última atualização em 14/06/2015 - 06:04
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broken advisor beta installation

If I try to install advisor beta update 1 or 2, the install fails and rolls back, saying that advisor version is already installed.  I don't know where to look for documentation on what is required

Criado por Tim Prince Última atualização em 14/06/2015 - 04:13
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dll path and debug settings

Apparently it's not reliable to use upgrade in place installation of Intel Windows software tools

Criado por Tim Prince Última atualização em 12/06/2015 - 09:54
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No SITE annotations were encountered ?

Dear All,

I have just installed parallel studio 2016 and trying to use memory access pattern analysis with intel advisor. I have added annotation to source file like:

Criado por Pramod K. Última atualização em 27/04/2015 - 10:37
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The Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016 Beta program is now available!


Dear Developer,

Criado por kevin-oleary (Intel) Última atualização em 10/04/2015 - 10:49
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Severe (157): Program Exception - access violation

When I try to run any of the 3 analyses available in Advisor I get the error "Severe (157): Program Exception - access violation" and the line with the call of "omp_get_num_procs" is listed in the

Criado por jirina Última atualização em 01/04/2015 - 09:43
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Open Advisor XE 2013 GUI project in Visual Studio?

I am on Advisor XE 2013 using Fortran as the language. I am also using Visual Studio 2012.

Criado por Matthew Última atualização em 14/01/2015 - 08:17
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ADVISOR_ANNOTATE is not recognized during compilation

Hello to the Advisor team,

I'm compiling and linking my code as following :

      COMPILE='ifort -g -O2 -I$/opt/intel/advisor_xe_2015/include/intel64'

Criado por Jack S. Última atualização em 05/12/2014 - 09:16
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