Recipe: ROME1.0/SML for the Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processor 7250

This article provides a recipe for how to obtain, compile, and run ROME1.0 SML on Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors.
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Saffron Technology™ Cognitive API FAQ

What are synchronous and asynchronous APIs?
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Find Items API


The Find Items API finds items that are related to the query (search) item. It searches all categories unless you specify one. The API returns the closest-match score.

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Saffron Technology™ Cognitive APIs

Saffron Technology™ uses standard REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs to create and call our Thought Processes (THOPs), which are user-defined functions that allow you to tie together various capabilities using a scripting language.
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Executing Saffron Technology™ Cognitive APIs

Saffron Technology™ cognitive APIs use thought processes (THOPs), which are a collection of procedures that can be run synchronously or asynchronously. The type of process determines on how it can be executed on the command line.
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The New Issue of The Parallel Universe is Out: The Present and Future of OpenMP*

The OpenMP* application programming interface turns 20 this year―and we’re

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Intel® Architecture Code Analyzer

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使用英特尔® XDK、Node.js 和 MRAA 库对机器人进行编程

Learn how to program robots over wi-fi using the Intel® XDK, Node.js, and the MRAA Library.
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Intel® XDK FAQs - General

Provides frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to developing apps with the Intel® XDK, such as how to get started as a new user, installing more than one version of Intel XDK, signing an app and updating or uninstalling Intel XDK. It also covers questions related to the built-in Brackets editor, differences between mobile platforms, specifying app settings, and other topics.
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利用 Neon* 传输学习

NERVANA 已经加入 英特尔
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