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The Intel® Galileo Board | IoT

Intel® Galileo technology is an excellent learning platform that meets the demands of advanced developers.
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The Intel® Edison Module | IoT

Power your imagination with the Intel® Edison module and sensors designed for expert makers, entrepreneurs, and some industrial IoT applications.
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How building an IoT startup is like starting an indie band

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Digging Deeper | IoT Developer Journey

Get advanced guidance from Intel’s experts for creating IoT prototypes, adding sensors, and connecting to the cloud.
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Cloud & Analytics Overview | IoT

Connect an Intel® IoT technology project to cloud and analytics tools: IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Trusted Analytics Platform.
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Intel® Software Academic Program

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iOS Build email : missing install link

The last build ios emails received today are missing the link

Click here to install your app OTA on iOS 4+ devices.

Is it normal ? can you put it again please

Criado por Fab V. Última atualização em 26/09/2016 - 15:44
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Open Source Software is Leading Us Into a Technical Utopia

It’s unlike anything else in any industry.

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英特尔® Software Innovator 计划主页

The Intel® Software Innovator program is a global developer community program.
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My Serial Number isn't in the proper format

I'm trying to register my i7-6700k product but my serial number isn't in the XXXX-YYYYYYYY format. Mine has 13 digits

Criado por Gabriel F. Última atualização em 26/09/2016 - 15:30
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