Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector

Usage Instructions

Use the CLI option --icpf to process your trace files through a specific simulator library. You can use the following command line:

traceanalyzer --cli --icpf [options] <tracefile> --simulator <simulator library>


  1. <tracefile> - is the name of your trace file.

Applications Running on Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor

To generate a trace file from an MPI application running on an Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor, you need to use the Intel® MPI Library, the Intel® Trace Collector libraries, and a compiler that can generate an executable file compatible with the targeted Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel® MIC Architecture). Do the following steps to complete these tasks:

CPU Cycle Counter

This is a high-resolution counter inside the CPU which counts CPU cycles. This counter is called Timer Stamp Counter (TSC) on x86/Intel®64 architectures. It can be read through an assembler instruction, so the overhead is much lower than gettimeofday(). On the other hand, these counters were never meant to measure long time intervals, so the clock speed also varies a lot, as seen earlier in Figure 5.2.


The Structured Trace File Format (STF) is a format that stores data in several physical files by default. This chapter explains the motivation for this change and provides the technical background to configure and work with the new format. It is safe to skip over this chapter because all configuration options that control writing of STF have reasonable default values.

Defining and Recording Functions or Regions

Intel® Trace Analyzer can display and analyze general (properly nested) state changes, relating to subroutine calls, entry/exit to/from code regions and other activities occurring in a process. Intel® Trace Analyzer implements a two-level model of states: a state is referred to by an activity name that identifies a group of states, and the state (or symbol) name that references a particular state in that group.

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