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Does CCA support Skylake H0/U0 (CPUID:50654) stepping CPU?


Running CScript (Purley_Cscripts_1.28_Rev.656614) with DCI CCA on HPE 2S server found some questions.
We cannot halt system with Skylake H0/U0 (CPUID:50654) stepping CPU (have tried U0 x 2 types, H0 x1 type)
Change to Skylake L0 CPU (CPUID:50652) with same unit and same setting, it works very well.
Does CCA support Skylake H0/U0 (CPUID:50654) stepping CPU?

Note. We have tried both Cscript v1.26 & v1.28

Refer to the message:

How to dump Peripheral Registers(Intel System Debugger)

Dear all.

I use Intel System Debugger.

I can dump some registers.(1.Registers, 2.Vector Registers, 3.Processor Specific Registers, 4.Model Specific Registers, 5.System Controller Registers)

I want to dump more registers other than the avobe, for example Peripheral Registers, but I can't find to how to use.

Please tell me about how to dump Peripheral Registers and others.


Tasuku Nakajima

__intel_avx_rep_memcpy page fault

Dear All,

I'm using Systemstamp probes (vm.pagefault) to avoid page faults in my code by forcing to read/write in all memory. The probe says that __intel_avx_rep_memcpy has page fault:

fault address: 0x424000, symbol: __intel_avx_rep_memcpy+0x80/0x17c0, access: r, type: minor, delay: 36

according to asm it is:

Intel USB Driver Symbol


I got a BSOD with my system. When I tried to debug it with windbg, it reported that the USB driver symbols could not be loaded. where can I get the Intel USB driver symbol?

*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for iusb3xhc.sys

Probably caused by : iusb3xhc.sys


Pan Deng

Fortran common block and Modules

Hello sir,

I am converting one of the old code F77 in F90. I am encountering a huge number of errors, especially in common block and module.

I tried it in 3 ways by reading the forum information

1) I tried to make a static library of module object files but still, I was getting errors that showed that the static library is not linked properly with source files.

2)  I tried to execute the FORTRAN files of modules in source and it also didn't work.

3) I tried to keep the common blocks as it is and still it doesn't work at all.

Can't get filename for project item


I used Fortran (Intel Composer XE 2013 sp1) in VS 2013 sp5 to develop an desktop application with a Fortran DLL.

Build: no errors or warnings and running ok (results as are expected); but after saving, closing VS and reloading I got the following warning in the Output window of the Solution Explorer:

"can't get file name for project item: " name  of all fortran source files.

Building a single DLL the same warnings. See attached small and simple example.

Any suggestion to solve this is much appreciated.

Gerrit V.



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