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Invalid constant expression if _DEBUG macro doesn't have value

We currently use the Python libraries in Boost and Intel TBB. The libraries in Boost undefine the MSVC macro _DEBUG then subsequently redefine it without any value. In TBB_Config.h the macro TBB_USE_DEBUG is set from the value of _DEBUG. When TBB_USE_DEBUG is later used in #if statements within the same header file the preprocessor cannot evaluate the expression and pre-processing fails.

What's New? Intel® Threading Building Blocks 2017 Update 1

Changes (w.r.t. Intel TBB 2017):

Bugs fixed:

- Fixed dynamic memory allocation replacement failures on Windows* 10
    Anniversary Update.
- Fixed emplace() method of concurrent unordered containers not to
    require a copy constructor.

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  • How does memory_pool reuse freed memory?

    typedef tbb::memory_pool<tbb::scalable_allocator<char>> MemoryPool;

    I have one use case where I need to store objects for a long time. However, for this use case I also need to do a lot of malloc and free calls. After I free an object, does the memory_pool implementation fill previously freed blocks when calling malloc? If yes, are there any limitations?


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