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Building tbb U6 with gcc 4.9.2


I have been trying ti build the tbb from source code using gcc 4.9.2.

a) if you could point me to a location where I could find it already built, would be ideal.

b) if not, can you please point to a location with instructions for how to build?

Right now all I am doing is typing gmake and hacking the "make" files (.inc) to add manually a couple of flags for the gcc locale (namely -D__USE_XOPEN2K8 and -std=c++11) but these do not properly propagate, as this shows:

index of keys in concurrent hash map


I am using tbb's concurrent hash maps and I am wondering if there is someway to find out the index of a key in the map.

So for example i declare my map like this

typedef tbb::concurrent_hash_map< openvdb::Coord, int, MyHashCompare> single_map;

where openvdb::Coord is a unique co-ordinate in the R3 /(3D)/[x,y,z] space.

Cannot find composite_node with clang

I experiment with the TBB composite node and the TBB CMake scripts.

My test repository https://github.com/thedarksideofthemoon/tbb-test works fine when I compile it using GCC 5.4 at Ubuntu 16.04. However, I cannot get my test program to compile with Clang 6.0. Instead, I get the compiler error error: unknown template name 'composite_node'.

Do I need any additional flags to find the composite_node?

Compiling TBB 2017 U7 under C++17


I'm trying to get TBB 2017 U7 compiling with GCC 7.1, using C++17 (or rather, --std=c++1z) mode. I hacked the linux.gcc.inc file to add the appropriate flag, but compilation failed due to use of dynamic exception specifications in tbbmalloc. Specifically:



There may, of course, be others but I can only get this far.

Dynamic exception specifications are removed in C++17. Not only that, they have been deprecated since C++11. I believe they could be removed without significant impact. How about it?

concurrent_queue overhead

We typically have 1M+ users online per instance. In our current implementation,  we queue pending messages for user in a lock-free linked list. 

We are planning to change that implementation using concurrent_queue where a queue is assigned to users having pending messages. However, this will result in worst case scenario having 1M queues (thought this can be reduced by queue pool later). 

Hence, was wondering about per queue overhead. Feel free to suggest other alternatives.




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