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Import Enclave

Import Enclave helps to select the enclaves to be imported to the untrusted components. Then the untrusted components can make use of the enclaves.

Import Enclave provides the following functions:

Power Transition

If a power transition occurs, the enclave memory will be removed and all the enclave data will be inaccessible. Consequently, when the system is resumed, each of the in-process ECALLS and the subsequent ECALLs will fail with the error code SGX_ERROR_ENCLAVE_LOST which indicates the enclave is lost due to a power transition.

C Standard Library

The Intel® Software Guard Extensions SDK includes a trusted version of the C standard library. The library is named sgx_tstdc (trusted standard C), and can only be used inside an enclave. Standard C headers are located under $(SGXSDKInstallPath)include\tlibc.

sgx_tstdc provides a subset of C99 functions that are ported from OpenBSD* project. Some functions are not allowed to use inside the enclave for following reasons:



sgx_get_quote_size is deprecated. Use the sgx_calc_quote_size function instead.

sgx_get_quote_size returns the required buffer size for the quote.


sgx_status_t sgx_get_quote_size(
             const uint8_t *p_sig_rl,
             uint32_t *p_quote_size



p_sig_rl [in]

Optional revoke list of signatures, can be NULL.

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