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Developers And Cloud Computing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

I attended the Cloud Expo in New York City at the Javits Center in June. The attendees were a mix of Web hosting companies, web developers, software developers, hardware developers, and operating system developers. The event sponsors included Intel®, IBM*, Citrix*, Rackspace*, Oracle*, Verizon Terremark*, Akamai*, and many more.  Everyone came to learn, share, and we agreed that the development cycle was quicker than expected for new software and products using the.

Accessing APIs

Like I mentioned in the previous article, APIs are just like a webpage, but only return specific data either in XML or JSON format as defined by the API documentation. So, the way to access APIs is by HTTP requests. Javascript provides an object - XMLHttpRequest often also called XHR - for precisely this functionality.







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  • HTML5应用UI设计工具: RIB

    分享一个基于Chrome浏览器的HTML5 应用UI快速开发工具, RIB, Rapid Interface Builder。 

    官方关于RIB的介绍: Rapid Interface Builder (RIB) is a browser-based tool for designing graphical user interfaces for web applications.

    使用RIB可以快速对Web App的UI进行设计,支持JQuery Mobile 和 Tizen widget。 

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