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Intel xdk with microsoft band


I want to use ionic framework with the microsoft band but I can't find a plugin that supports it.
I 'd like to use this because ionic framework supports cross-platform usage on smartphones.

Someone told me about the intel xdk.

Can you get data from the microsoft band sensors via the intel xdk?



Android Intent


I am coming back to evaluate the XDK development tool, which has been quite dynamic since 15 months I left it.

However I have the same problem with intent: There is now an intent entry in the Cordova parameters for android, but no documentation about it. 15 months ago I had to build a fake plugin to achieve what I wanted, and this was not good, so I left the XdK to code manually. What's up now.



I'm triyng to add a chart to my Android app using Chart.js

At Intel-XDK emulator and in Debug Mode (DebugTab) this works perfectly, but if I try run it using App Preview or if I build the apk I can't see the chart.

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