Intel® XDK

Build Your Intel® XDK Mobile App using PhoneGap* Build

A version of this article was originally published as part of the Intel® XDK documentation book.

This document assumes that you have successfully exported your Intel XDK project using the Cordova Build Package export tool. For instructions on how to export your project, see the doc page titled Export your Intel® XDK Mobile App to PhoneGap* Build or Cordova* CLI.

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  • Suggestions on exporting legacy phonegap project

    Hi All.

    We've long since move our core projects off to PGB (hate it!) and wish XDK would reconsider.

    Having said that, we have one project that we thought was dead but is now in zombie state. I understand that XDK has an export tool.. what version is that in?  I have the latest (3987) but it doesn't appear to have a way of reading an existing project.


    Cordova Build Package - iOS problem


    Ive used the BUILD > Cordova Build Package for Android with same  signing certificate to publish updates to my app
    by downloading it from xdk - THIS WORKS FINE

    BUT for iOS its recommended to create new signing certificates
    Ive done that but get error in Phonegap Build - Certificate doesn't match profile: The default keychain doesn't have an identity matching

    How do I use these new ones in XDK ? cant import any










    Best practice to get FCM token on app first run

    I implemented cordova phonegap plugin push adding the plugin in Plugin Management tool with npm option. It works fine except for one detail:

    When I download the app from and click to install it, it installs as expected. So buttons are displayed to open the app or close the installation box. If I click to open the app, I cannot get FCM token. 

        push.on('registration', function(data){ ... })

    is not being executed and "token" is null.

    xdk 3987 optional permission in android build settings not work

    after I added


    to android build settings: Add Permissions

    then create the package, it is not added to config.xml

    Then I try to add to intelxdk.config.additions.xml instead as:

    <platform name="android">
        <config-file target="AndroidManifest.xml" parent="/*">
          <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" />

    but config.xml only contain this:

    Assine o Intel® XDK