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Provides frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to developing apps with the Intel® XDK, such as how to get started as a new user, installing more than one version of Intel XDK, signing an app and updating or uninstalling Intel XDK. It also covers questions related to the built-in Brackets editor, differences between mobile platforms, specifying app settings, and other topics.
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  • IOS Deep Link

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    We have implemented deep linking, using our code (i.e. no plugins), within our apps using custom URLs, however we noticed that with the recent upgrade of Apple’s IOS version 10 (and more recent 10.02) the deep linking between 2 apps stopped working. Strangely enough when invoking the app via the custom URL from Safari (on IOS versions 9.3 and upwards) the link works (i.e. the app loads), which means that the required invocation permissions on the invoking app are working – i.e. the calling app seems to be the problem.

    Admob plugin

    Hello, since they changed the new version it is a headache and I'm more lost.
    Try search plugins "Admob Plugin" and can not find it and Thirds-party puts me npm
    Does anyone know how to fix this? I have the latest version

    Then simulate, Android works for me perfect, but I get IOS black screen ...

    Thank you

    Assine o Intel® XDK