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Como criar propaganda intersticial admob no intelxdk

Gostaria de saber se alguem tem script de propaganda intersticial para ser exibida no app, mas que faça seu pré carregamento em 1 variavel antes de ser exibida, segundo as novas regras do admob ela precisa ser exibida assim que clica em algum link para outra pagina, não pode ter delay. 

tenho um script mas ele abre quando inicia o app, queria ajuda para mudá-lo e fazer ele abrir quando clicar em 1 botão com função de analisar se ele já esta carregada ou não, caso esteja abra, caso não esteja recarregue. 

Goodbye XDK

I'm sadly disappointed in the direction XDK has gone. It use to manage my Cordova apps very easily and the features offered something you could not find anywhere else. I would even pay a subscription fee for the build services. Now, I cannot use the build, testing, and the IDE even has issues. After year of using your software, that I spoke highly of, I must say goodbye and go back to manually compiling. This is sad because SDK made these processes so much easier.

IntelXDK performance on Ubuntu version 3900

I have created a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04.2 on an SSD drive and installed  IntelXDK 3900. 

The only software I have installed other than the default is Apache, Php and MySql.

The performance monitor shows regular CPU spikes as much as 75% of CPU and regularly in excess of 40% of CPU on one process even when doing absolutely nothing in the ide (not even in focus).   Prior versions of XDK had no performance issues.

I have tried both the NVidia graphics driver and the Nouveau driver but it seems to make no difference.

iOS App ID with section starting with a number to match existing App in iTunes Connect store

Have spent ages building a new cross-platform app for iOS and Android and beta tested it and Tesflighted it on both stores.

We now want to launch the App in the store. Android (easy) as it is new to that store and had no legacy users.

Displaying device plugin properties within label is not working.

I am using device plugin and I am displaying prperties with label as innerHTML property it's not working but when display a normal string with label it's working .whenever display device.model property using alert it's working when I tested using app preview .Please help .

Sameer Kulkarni

Mac OSx Issue

When I press the command key on a Mac XDK does a back indent... this is annoying because the Command key for Mac is like the control key for Windows... I cannot save, copy, paste and etc without indenting.

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